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Available for Windows and MAC


The Universal Digital Polygraph which can manage a complete Laboratory:

Isolated Organs, Cardiovascular, Spirometry, ECG, EEG, Sport Medicine, Education, etc. etc.



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Oltre ai classici e di grande successo aghi (gavage) plastici di varie dimensioni e in confezioni da 50 o 250 pezzi STERILI, ora abbiamo anche i seguenti modelli in POLIURETANO (solo conf. 50 pezzi):




Ago 16G -  lungo 38 mm

Diametro interno 1 mm, esterno 1, 6 mm


Ago 13G -  lungo 88 mm

Diametro interno 1,5 mm, esterno 2,46 mm




Quietek™ Automated Euthanization Device Ensures AVMA Compliance

Sistema pratico per praticare eutansia CO2 sui roditori rispettando le normative internazionali.


E’ possibile impostare il volume della gabbia, il flusso ed il tempo di intervento con poche semplici operazioni.


E’ richiesta bombola CO2.


Esistono centraline ad uno o piů canali e gabbie di contenzione di diverse dimensioni.


Agarose LE


Specialty Agarose

Multi-purpose, high purity

Green Choice, free from organic solvents

Enhanced resolution and clarity

Low EEO / increase electrophoretic mobility

RNase, DNase and Protease free

Benchmark Agarose LE is a highly purified agarose, suitable for a variety of molecular biology applications


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Agarose LM - This low melt agarose can be used to resolve samples from 200bp to 25kb. It has a melting point well below denaturation temperatures (650C). The agarose remains liquid at 370C, Agarose HR - For applications such as analysis of STR's, AFLP's, and PCR products. Clear resolution of 20bp to 800bp Agarose 3:1 - designed for separation of fragments less than 1,000bp. Gels made with Agarose 3:1      CLICK HERE



Mini Capsules for Laboratory Mice, Rats & Guinea Pigs

Ideal for materials that are insoluble, form poor suspensions, are affected by excipients or are odorous and distasteful, e.g., sustained release beadlets, paint flakes, chromic oxide marker

For lower GI drug delivery size 9 has been used in rats >200gm & Guinea Pigs; size M has been used in mice >30gm. Capsule holders are available for dip coating in enteric solutions.

Size 9 can be used for intra-colonic delivery via rectal insertion in rats >200-250gm.

Save time and money by eliminating validation of suspension / solution homogeneity.

Eliminate excipients absorption affects.


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PE Tubing

PE 10    0,28 x 0,61 mm.   30 Gauge

PE 20    0,38 x 1,09 mm.   27, 26 Gauge

PE 50    0,58 x 0,965 mm.   23 Gauge

PE 60    0,76 x 1,22 mm.   21 Gauge

PE 90    0,86 x 1,27 mm.   20 Gauge

PE 100  0,86 x 1,52 mm.   20 Gauge

PE 200  1,40 x 1,90 mm.   17 Gauge

 Any other size available


Silastic Tubing

SFM3-1050      0,30 mm x 0,63 mm

SFM3-1350      0,50 mm x 0,93 mm

SFM3-1550      0,63 mm x 1,19 mm

SFM3-1750      0,76 mm x 1,65 mm

SFM3-1850      0,78 mm x 3,96 mm


SFM3-2050      1,01 mm x 2,15 mm

SFM3-2350      1,47 mm x 1,95 mm

SFM3-2650      1,57 mm x 2,41 mm

SFM3-3050      1,98 mm x 3,17 mm

SFM3-3250      2,64 mm x 4,87 mm





The World's First Totally Implantable, Programmable Micro Infusion Pump for

Mouse Animal Model Infusion



SMP-300 Key Features

-          Accurate patented Rotary Finger Method

-          Every pump is factory tested and

-          calibrated

-          Better than +/-5% accuracy

-          0 µl/hour to 10.0 µl/hour in 0.1μl/hour steps
101 discreet infusion flow-rates

-          Programmable infusions protocols (simple and complex)

-          Totally implanted in subcutaneous space

-          Refillable (reservoir) percutaneously via refill port with re-sealable septum

-          With iPRECIO® catheters, test your drug's effects nearly anywhere

Easy to use state of the art software for infusion protocol programming using profiles.






Automated Blood Sampler

Instech's ABS2™ automates the collection of blood samples from laboratory animals. By eliminating labor-intensive manual withdrawals it can streamline drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics research. It can also reduce the stress on animals caused by handling.  The sampler withdraws blood from a tethered freely-moving animal according to your programmed schedule, stores the samples in an integrated refrigerated fraction collector, and replaces the withdrawn volumes with IV fluid. You control and monitor sampling schedules, volumes and withdrawal rates for up to twelve animals from a single computer. Unique advantages of the Instech blood sampling system include:  Undiluted samples, verified by in-line sensors.  A short collection path, to minimize mixing and collection times  Less than 5 µL of blood wasted per sample, to minimize hemodilution.











BP-2000 Blood Pressure Analysis System™ for Mice and Rats

The unique in the World which really works on mice









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Equipments and Toys for Activity

Treats and Rewards

Nesting Materials


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