Modern gas anesthetic agents, particularly Isoflurane, are less irritating to tissues and less likely to cause long lasting damage than injectables. Gas anesthetic systems make it easier to control the depth of anesthesia. Isoflurane and Sevoforane are nonflammable and can easily be used in conjunction with the common Ventilators (Respirators) such as the renown AUTOVENT or similar. The systems here shown are intended for use with Isoflurane accordingly mixed with O2 and N2O, on request it is even provided the CO2 flow column kit. Vaporizers are different for Isoflurane and Sevoforane and both have max. 5% adjustment which also enable to ventilate large size animals. The gas anesthesia systems can be assembled in different configurations: System with Recycling, Open Circuit, Table Top Unit. The Open Circuit system is especially intended for rats and small rodents. In these systems the recycling components are not included (flow of gas escaping from the end of the Vaporizer outlet tube), thus the Researcher has to use a Scavanger (FLUOVAC) such that described below. Any system is provided with suitable animal Masks and Tank Pressure regulators. Halotane units still available.

Code 2305 Recycling Gas anesthesia system (specify Isoflurane or others)

Code 2310 Open Circuit Gas anesthesia system (specify Isoflurane or others)

Code 2315 Table Top Gas anesthesia system (specify Isoflurane or others)

Code 2345 Automatic AUTOVENT Respirator


The picture above shows a complete Gas anesthesia system mounted on a trolley.

This assembly also includes escaping gas alarm, ventilators, possibility of open or recycling circuit and a 3 way flow column kit (O2, CO2, N2O).


The Fluovac Isoflurane/Halotane Scavanger unit allows continuous flow gas anesthetization without exposin the Operator to escaped gases.

It recaptures the gases by vacuum and draws them through a disposable Fluosorber filter Canister which effectively remove all the gas (Hunter, Glen and Butcher, Laboratory Animals 18: 42-44; 1984). The disposable filters, ordered separately, initially weights about 1200 grams. It will absorb 200 grams of gas and must discarded when it reaches 1400 grams in weight.


Code 2335 Scavanger FLUOVAC unit

Code 2340 Pkg. of 6 Fluosorber Canister for Fluovac



Picture above shows recycling circuit


Our Laboratory provides Revision and Certification for vaporizers of any model and generation

Safety in your laboratory is ensured if annual revision/certification of gas anesthesia vaporizers is carried out regularly according to the most recent CE regulation. Our laboratory ensures correct calibration, certification and replacement of small parts in a short time (usually 3 days) of single or groups of vaporizers of any generation (even very old), any model (Isotec 3,4,5, Ohneda, Minerve, Drager, BME, etc.), and for any anesthetic gas (Halotane, Isoflurane or Sevoforane).








It can replaces High Pressure TANKS in Gas Anesthesia Systems, isolated organ baths, ventilator air input and more and more.


Save money for the future: 02 or AIR TANKS not more needed


It is enough a normal plug (220V - 50 Hz) where you connect the concentrator to obtain: medical oxygen (pure O2 over 92%) with a maximum flow of 5 lt/min for each of the two Flometers or medical air with a maximum flow of 10 lt/min (single channel).


Size: 495 (L) x 475 (P) x 730 (H) mm - Weight: 32 kg


Code O2-GEN: unit with 2 output ch. pure O2 over 92%

Code O2-GEN + AIR: unit with 2 outputs pure O2 over 92% and a third MEDICAL AIR channel







The Rodent Induction chamber measures 25 x 13 x 14 cm.

It is provided with a sliding cover and the transparent acrylics allows the animal to be kept under constant observation.

Two tube connectors enables easy linking to any Gas Anesthesia System and/or Scavanger Fluovac Unit.

Also available a bigger chamber for larger (Rabbit) animals (40 x 22 x 21 cm.)


Code AB-1 Induction chamber for Rodent 26 x 11 x 11 cm

Code AB-2 Induction chamber for Rabbits 26 x 21 x 21 cm




These Adapter Masks enable the Scientist to use Gas Anesthesia on Rats and Mice on most common Stereotaxic Instruments without personal exposure to the gas. Available in two different sizes for Rats and Mice


Code 51610 Gas Anesthesia Mask for Rats

Code 51609 Gas Anesthesia Mask for Mice


Gas Anesthesia Platform for Mice


The Gas Anesthesia Platform for Mice allows for precise and secure positioning of an animal during anesthesia and surgery when used with Mouse and Neonatal Rat Adaptor ( 51625).

Provided with soft ear bars in order not to damage mouse ear channel


N. 50264 Anestesia Platfform



Code 50067 MRI Compatible Respirator

Gas Anesthesia and MRI small animal compact respirator

Non-magnetic pneumatic valves - Dependable all-electronic ventilator - Wide tidal volume and rate range - Mice to Guinea pig size - Safe with oxygen and anesthesia - Direct readout of volume and rate.

This newest generation of the pressure-fed small animal respirator that can be used during MRI imaging. The MRI respirator is supplied with a sophisticated external, remote-controlled high speed pneumatic valve system. The control unit is separate from all non-metallic remote components, ensuring safety in operation. It features direct setting and readout of breaths/min, tidal volume, and other parameters for easy setup and monitoring. These respirators function on "flow-time"; i.e., inspiration flow is set and run for a known time, producing a known volume. A serial data output is standard. Requires a separate source of compressed air or helium for operation of the pneumatic valves (not included.)

Tidal Volume : 0,1 to 50 ml/stroke

Respiration rate : 5 150 Breaths/minute



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