Ideal for small animals: rats, mice, guinea pigs. The stainless steel blades open to 5 cm. square. Guaranteed to Rockwell 60 to retain a razor sharp edge.

Code 7950 Decapitator for Rodents


Also available a model for larger animals with max. blade opening of about 10 cm.

Code 51331 Decapitator for Larger Animals




Cervical Dislocator


The Cervical Dislocator is a completely humane and efficient means of sacrificing laboratory rodents bloodlessly. Evidence indicates that the brain stem is terminated instantly when clamped by the metal bar and the dorsum lifted.

There is no external wound so there is no blood to clean up, and no smell of blood to alert remaining animals. Pathogens or viruses are not spread. Blood and internal organs remain uncontaminated.

When used with the plastic restraint cones (also available, ask for more information), the animal can be effectively and safely restrained as it is moved from its home cage through all necessary handling. The 5 cm opening is sufficient for most laboratory rodents. A 6 cm model is available.

Code 51360





Surgical Shaver

The Andis AG clippers run quiet and cool, without the need for vent holes that could take in hair and dander. The durable housing remains cool to the touch even after long operation. Equal in power and durability to the Oster.
The blade assemblies are detachable and can be changed quickly. The blade sets are interchangeable between the Oster A-5 and the Andis AG clippers. Andis blades are made of high carbon steel, hardened for long cutting life. Provided with a #40 surgical blade

Code 2BTOS



Rechargeable Surgical Shaver


This new rechargeable clipper is as powerful, and uses the same blade set (see above), as the Andis AG clippers. Can shave any size animal for surgery, and last all day on a single charge in normal usage.

Fast recharger stand can recharge in one hour or less, but will not damage batteries when left on charge for long periods. Batteries can be removed from the clipper for recharging, and extra batteries are available for high throughput applications.






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