For Rapid Suturing with Minimum Trauma

The Autoclip® Applier works like a staple gun to rapidly apply Autoclip® closures. The applier will hold 20 Autoclips®, which are held firm and ready for use by rustless beryllium-copper springs. Autoclips® provide maximum holding force with minimal trauma. There is no need for assistance to operate the applier or remover. When the wound is healed, clips are easily removed with the Autoclip® Remover. Stainless steel Autoclips® are non-pyrogenic and supplied non-sterile, but may be autoclaved.  They are 9mm in length and are packaged 20 clips on a rack, 5 racks to a box. The case of 1000 contains 10 boxes of Autoclips®. 

Stoelting’s Autoclip® Wound Closing System is high quality yet inexpensive. It is ideal for use with laboratory mice and rats or in veterinary surgery. The Autoclip® starter kit includes the Autoclip® Applier, a case of 1,000 wound clips, and the Autoclip® Remover. Individual components may be ordered separately.  




WE SELL TWO MODELS, original Clay Adams (High Tech) and LOW COST (Low Profile) kits


Code 59020  LOW COST (Low profile) Aurtoclip Starter Kit complete (9 mm) including Applier, Remover and 1000 clips

Code 59023  LOW COST (Low profile) Autoclip  Applier  (9 mm)

Code 59026  LOW COST (Low profile) Autoclip  Remover  (9 mm)

Code 59024  LOW COST (Low profile) Autoclip  Case of 100 clips  (9 mm)

Code 59027  LOW COST (Low profile) Autoclip  Case 1000 clips    (9 mm)



Code 59040  HIGH TECH (original C&A) Aurtoclip Starter Kit complete (9 mm) including Applier, Remover and 1000 clips

Code 59043 HIGH TECH (original C&A) Autoclip, Applier (9 mm)


Code 59046  HIGH TECH (original C&A) Autoclip  Remover  (9 mm)

Code 59047  HIGH TECH (original C&A) Autoclip  Case 1000 clips    (9 mm)




Code 59038    7 mm. Start up Kit

Including  Applier, Remover and 100 clips

Code 59036    7 mm Clip Appler

Code 59037    7 mm Clip Remover

Code 59035    Case of 100 clips (7 mm)

Code 59034     Case of 1000 clips (7 mm)



New from 2B, the 7mm wound clips allow for smaller, rapid suturing. Don't spend unnecessary time with suture material and a needle. The 7mm clips are a perfect size for mouse surgery.

Clips are sold in individual packs of 20, unsterilized. The applier can easily handle one full pack of clips.

Using the Reflex Skin Closure System is easy! Simply push the spring clip forward to remove the spring and plunger assembly. Then load one pack of clips, replace the assembly, and snap the clip back into place. When the pointed tab protrudes from the end, you’re ready to suture.

Wound Clip Kit includes one applier, one remover and a box of 100 clips. All parts are also sold separately.




Disposable Scalpels

Stainless steel surgical blades mounted on plastic handles with fluted finger-grips. Scalpel blade is safely protected by pull-off protector shield. Individually sealed in peel-apart, see-through package.  Sold in Box of 100.

Code 27040  Sterile Disp Scalpels, #10s, Box of 100

Code 27041  Sterile Disp Scalpels, #11s, Box of 100

Code 27043  Sterile Disp Scalpels, #15s, Box of 100







NIH guideline recommend sterilizing instruments for small animal surgery.
Hot glass bead Sterilizers are ideal for this application.

Insert the surgical instrument into the well, leave for a few seconds and remove. Within 30 seconds the surgical instruments are cool enough to use.

The chassis stays cool, even at the end of a full day of operation.

The air above the unit is cool enough to insert an instrument into the well without discomfort. Sterilization is made at about 250 degree Centigrade.

The unit is also provided with a glass cup in order to sterilize small items such as clips, surgical screws, etc.


Code 18000-45       Model 250 Sterilizer (well = 4 x 8 cm)

Code 18000-50       Model 350 Sterilizer (well = 4 x 14 cm)

Code 18000-51       Replacement glass beads

Code 2BDCQZ        Cost effective Sterilizer (well = 4 x 8 cm)






Fractionated vacuum, managed by high performance doublestage pump, ensures complete evacuation of air. Motor-operated door closure with triple-protection, guarantees better  safety, greater ease of handling and self-regulation of the door.
Instantaneous vaporized outside the chamber allows higher sterilization speed and reduces water consumption. Thermal printer built into the machine allows complete recording of the sterilization cycle. Ensures the user greater cycle control and easy archiving. Multi-language graphic display offers to operator easier selection of the sterilization cycles, continuous control over the cycle phases and gives graphic indication of the errors committed by the operator. Connection to PC. Thick aluminium chamber giving faster sterilization cycle.


Code 35663 Autoclave 15 liters

Code 35664 Autoclave 23 liters




Fully automatic hot air sterilizer, with adjustable temperature from 0°C to 200°C, kills off even particularly resistant microorganisms.

Four perforated, anodized aluminum trays make hot air circulation easier.
A second safety thermostat operates in case temperature should exceed 230°C. Red LED indicates any anomaly in thermoregulation and consequent starting of safety thermostat.

Code 35621 Hot Air Sterilizer, capacity 21 Liters

Code 35628 Hot Air Sterilizer, capacity 28 Liters

Code 35629 Hot Air Sterilizer, capacity 50 Liters



Germicidal ultra-violet lamp

It rapidly destroys every micro-organism hit by its rays. Recommended to keep the instruments which are stored inside them sterile. Instruments previously sterilized can be preserved for a long time and they are always ready for use (UV treatments do not generate heat). An inside supporting grate keeps instruments raised from reflecting surface which enables both surfaces to be uniformly irradiated, improving the UV germicidal action.  Installation on table or wall.


Code 35750   Dim. 38 x 20 x H17 cm      Code 35751   Dim. 50 x 24 x H20 cm

Code 35752   Dim. 96 x 24 x H20 cm      Code BLB/RP   Lamp replacement


Ultrasonic CLEANER

Ultrasonic cleaning is faster and safer than any other method.  Ultrasonic sound waves moving through a cleaning solution create an effect called cavitation, the rapid
formation and implosion of microscopic bubbles. Heat enhances the process. The deep-cleaning action of ultrasonics removes even the most stubborn dirt and contaminations.
Code 35502   Mech. + Timer SMALL      Code 35503   Digital  SMALL

Code 35511   Mech. + Timer MEDIUM   Code 35512   Digital  MEDIUM  

Code 35522   Digital   LARGE                 Code 35533   Digital  X-LARGE




Electrol Scalpel/Knife

and Cauterizer

wide range of accessories

Bipolar Forceps available

In just an unique device an powerful Electro-Knife (Scalpel) 120W and Cauterizer 80W.

Digital readout of output power for both "cut" and "coag" operation. Continuous checking of electrode connection. Output delivery by handle or pedal switch (provided) action. The SURTRON 120 can be used in monopolar and bipolar technique. Working frequency 600 KHz. Impedance 400 W.



Code SURTRON 120 

Cutting power 120W, Cauterizer 80W


Other models available


A wide range of accessories included with SURTRON


Mains cable,  specify if for 115 or 230 Volt operation

Handle with push-button switches

Conductive rubber plate

Pedal Switch

Kit of assorted (7 pieces) Electrodes

-  Eletrcodes are also available in single model packages

Instruction manual

CE Certification for Human use too


Optional:  code BIPOLAR 10 ST  - Bipolar Forceps for Surtron 120, it is 12 cm. Long , Tip  1 mm wide, STRAIGHT Optional:  code BIPOLAR 10 ST  - Bipolar Forceps for Surtron 120, it is 12 cm. Long , Tip  1 mm wide, CURVED

Optional:  code BIPOLAR 03 CV - Bipolar Forceps for Surtron 120,  it is 12 cm. Long , Tip  0,3 mm wide, STRAIGHT

Optional:  code BIPOLAR 03 CV - Bipolar Forceps for Surtron 120,  it is 12 cm. Long , Tip  0,3 mm wide, CURVED



Bipolar Forceps



cable adaptor


Bipolar Forceps



cable adaptor




Battery operated small vessel Cauterizer


This small hand-held unit keeps bleeding to a minimum and therefore provides a surgical field clear of clamps and hemostats. It comes supplied with one straight and one angled cautery tip made from platinum-iridium alloy (0.2 mm dia.) and is powered by two 1.5 volt alkaline AA batteries. Total weight is 100  g. The unit is made of heavy-gauge stainless steel and is 13.5 cm long without tips (16.5 cm with straight tip). Cauterizer should be activated only momentarily so as not to burn out the tips. Temperature at tips is approximately 1000° C.


Code 18000-00  Cauterizer Set including 2 tips


Code 18000-01  Replacement Tip (straight)


Code 18000-01  Replacement Tip (straight)



DISPOSABLE  Cautery Pens


Disposable Cautery Pens, the platinum filaments ensures reliable temperature for immediate STOP Bleeding. Long life before getting rid of them.  Cautery pens are available for two temperature ranges and they are in packages of 10 pieces.


Code 59015  Pkg of 10 Cautery Pens  350°C

Code 59016 Pkg of 10 Cautery  Pens 1000°C


Cost effective Thermal Cautery Unit

Tradional thermal cautery utilizes heat in the form of direct current to perform coagulation. This method eliminates the possibility of alternate site burns that can occur with electrosurgery. Only the heated wire tip comes in contact with the tissue and current does not enter the patient’s body


Code 501293  Thermal Cautery Unit

Code 501293 A, B, C, D or E  Spare tips  (see picture at right)


       A     B    C     D    E


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