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Our involvement over many years as a major supplier of equipment to the Biotechnology Industry, and the research experience of our senior management team, has led to our developing an extensive range of environmental enrichment products specifically for housed animals. It is an aspect of our business that we have seen grow in significance as a refreshingly enlightened attitude to improved animal welfare has developed and been adopted within the industry. The Lillico range of environment enhancement products has been assembled over a period of years. It started with basic bedding and a few simple toys that stimulated activity. Gradually these have been added to as experience has shown what housed animals need, what they react to positively, and what new products become available that make a practical contribution to comfort, activity or general well-being. Today, the Lillico range of products is one of the most extensive. It provides a wide choice that enables all housed animals, from mice to primates, to be kept in a comfortable, clean and physically and mentally stimulating environment.

-          Equipment and toys for activity

-          Treats and rewards

-          Nesting and bedding materials 




Products for activity

Lillico supply a comprehensive range of environmental enrichment products for housed animals. These products are selected to provide the essential stimulus and activity required by animals living in the laboratory environment. In choosing the products, Lillico has kept to strict guidelines that ensure their suitability for use by the Biotechnology Industry. Wherever possible the products are tested in use before being added to the list. They are al so chemically screened for safety, not just for the animals but al so to the standards of most research protocols.

For the animal, the products must satisfy some, or all, of the following criteria.

. Spread activity and interest over a long period.

. Be sufficiently interesting to encourage repeat use.

. Encourage interactive play in colonies.

. Reduce aggressive behaviour.

. Act to relieve stereotypic behaviour in solo housing.

. Have strength and durability in use.

. Degrade in a safe manner when intended.

For scientific purposes the products must, where necessary, meet some, or all, of the following standards.

. Be presented in a clean manner.

. Be made from suitable materials.

. Be monitored for contaminants such as pesticides, aflatoxins, PCB's and heavy metals.

. Meet GLP/GMP standards.

. Be cage washable and/or suitable for sterilisation by   

  Gamma radiation or autoclaving.


For animal facility management the following may be considered. .

. The cost of the product in terms of additional animai husbandry procedures.

. The cost of the product against best benefit to the animals.

. Storage availability and disposal requirements.

. Benefits vs impact on scientific procedures.

. That it complies with legislative requirements.





The provision of suitable nesting and bedding is probably the next most important item after nutrition and housing. Good material is essential for achieving the standards of animal welfare now expected.

Today, the choice of types has never been greater, and the standards of production never higher. The range of nesting and bedding materials available from Lillico is extensive and has been chosen with great care. The range allows a choice of types, materials, particle sizes and treatments, so that selection for use can be best suited to requirements.

In assembling the range, Lillico has applied high standards that each material must satisfy depending upon its intended purpose.

- Cleanliness, the material must be clean, this is achieved by using only the highest quality materials, from renewable sources, and ensuring that they are processed through modern equipment maintained to a high standard.

-  Dust free, the material must be devoid of dust and sharp particles that could potentially cause irritation, respiratory problems or damage to either animal or human. An aspect of particular importance for its use in IVCs and other closed housing units.

-  Comfort, an important attribute of nesting material that is intended to   encourage nest building and 

    community behaviour.

-  Absorbency, the ability to soak up liquid and control ammonia levels is important to cage hygiene.

-  Disposability, all materials are easily disposed of after use, either by incineration or other safe means.

-  Treatment, nesting and bedding must be able to be sterilised by Autoclaving or Irradiation. AII Lillico

    supplied products will withstand such treatments.

-  Research Quality, the strict standards of GLP are met on selected products in the range. AII other products

    are tested for contaminants on a regular basis.








Nestlets provide a perfect nesting material addition to standard bedding. Their provision encourages rodents' natural instinct to shred material for nest building, adding extra interest and beneficial exercise.

The material in Nestlets retains warmth without obstructing airflow, it is inert, will not compact or form threads and its composition is non-dessicative nor will it cause irritation to newborn rodents.

Made from pulped, virgin cotton fibre, sterilized during manufacture, Nestlets are sufficiently pathogen free to be used for most purposes.

Size: 5 cm x 5 cm

Suitable for: Rodents

Safe for: Autoclaving, Irradiation



Paper Wool and Paper Shavings


Soft, clean and absorbent, Paper Wool and Paper Shavings make excellent bedding and nesting materials for small animals.  Lillico Paper Wool and Paper Shavings are made from virgin paper, and satisfy high standards of cleanliness and disposability.

Suitable for:  All species

Screened for: Chemical contaminants

Safe for: Autoclaving, Irradiation





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Veggie Bites  -  Timothy Cubes


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