Peristaltic Pumps

by Masterflex


Masterlfex  Pumps are designed to be non-contaminating and non-invasive, making them the pumps of choice in the pharmaceutical industry.


EASY-LOAD Pump Heads and a wide range of drivers fit many applications, pumping nutrients or pH adjusters for fermentation, to dispensing cosmetics into small containers.


Different flow rate capabilities.

The tubing is traceable to USP Class VI and can be easily sterilized.


Single and multi-channel models available.


Code 7554-85  -  Drive Masterflex 7-200 RPM

Code 7518-00  -  Masterflex Easy Load Head


Code 7013-05  -  Kit of screws for assembling two Easy- Load Heads on the same driver to get a  2 channel pump.


Code 96400-XX  Coil of  silicon tube (replace XX with the code reported in the table at the right side in order to select the correct flow rate; for instance tube 96400-14

for flows from  1,40 to 43 ml/min.)

Silicon tube size 13 for flow from 0,42 to 12 ml/minute

Silicon tube size 14 for flow from 1,40 to 43 ml/minute

Silicon tube size 16 for flow from 5,60 to 160 ml/minute

Silicon tube size 25 for flow from 12 to 330 ml/minute

Silicon tube size 17 for flow from 20 to 570 ml/minute

Silicon tube size 18 for flow from 27 to 770 ml/minute


Each coil of silicon tube is approximately  7,6 meters.


Digital Peristaltic Pumps


High performance digital peristaltic pumps at an affordable price!

- Display either rotation speed (RPM) or flow rate (mL/min)

- Wide flow range: 0.01 - 280 mL/min

- Accuracy of flow rate: 0.5% using self calibration function

- Accuracy of speed: 0.1 rpm

- Large backlit digital LCD display

- Programmable for all tubing sizes between 0.8 mm and 6.4 mm ID

- Easy and fast tubing replacement using snap-on cartridges

- Membrane keypad allows easy programming while protecting controls

  from fluid entry

- Actively driven rollers by planetary gears for long lasting tubing life



Peri-Star™ Pro, 2 channel, High Rate, Large Tubing  220V


Peri-Star™ Pro, 4 channel, High Rate, Large Tubing  220V


Peri-Star™ Pro, 4 channel, Low Rate, Small Tubing  220V


Peri-Star™ Pro, 8 channel, Low Rate, Small Tubing  220V


Peri-Star™ Pro peristaltic pumps provide accurate and precise pumping with convenience and versatility. Peri-Star Pro can be run in either flow rate mode (mL/min) or rotation speed mode (rpm). For good laboratory practice, pumps must be calibrated after changing the tubing and solution. Users can easily calibrate Peri-Star Pro to deliver flow as accurate as 0.5% in a wide flow range from  0.01

mL/min to 280 mL/min. Under rotation speed mode, the digitally controlled stepping motor provides accurate and reproducible operation with 0.1% rpm both forward and in reverse. Large backlit digital LCD display provides readouts of rotation direction, flow rate or rotation speed, tubing ID, drive status and remote control mode simultaneously. Water resistant membrane keypad allows easy programming while protecting LCD display and controls from fluid entry. Built-in Human Machine Interface (HMI) with screen instructions in plain English steps users through initial setup, calibration and operating procedures. Peri-Star Pro is available in two versions: a 4-roller version for high flow and an 8-roller version for lower volumes while providing high pressure with minimal pulsations. Snap-on cartridges allow tubing to be changed quickly without cross contamination of solutions.





Dual Mode Model – Pressure Or Volume
For animals in imperfect respiratory health, controlling the end-pressure reached by inspiration can be safer than controlling the volume to be inspired during a time period. The Pressure/Volume Model allows this option. Airway pressure is continuously monitored by a solid state transducer, and an analog pressure signal is available for external monitoring. In the volume mode, tidal volume is set by adjusting the flow rate and inspiratory time controls. In the pressure mode, end-inspiratory pressure is set using a calibrated ten-turn dial. A single switch instantly selects volume or pressure cycled operation.

Models w/o built-in air pump
Models 50070 & 50075 are not supplied with a built-in air pump and thus require a separate source of compressed air or helium for operation of the pneumatic valves (not included.)

Configuring for Mouse
Both Fixed Volume and Pressure/Volume respirators can be configured for use with mouse using a LOW FLOW option package (see below). Install the low flow option package inline, at the tubing junction on the front panel. The flowmeter (0-100 cc/min) reduces flow appropriate for use with low tidal volumes (e.g., from 0.1 ml - 1.0 ml).

MRI Model available



Code 50076  Pressure/Volume Ventilator, w/pump

Code 50075  Pressure/Volume Ventilator

Code 50071  Volume Ventilator, w/pump

Code 50070  Volume Ventilator

Code 50066  Low Flow Option Package for 50076

Code 50065  Low Flow Option Package


Code 50067  MRI Compatible Respirator



Ask for more details



Tidal Volume

0.1-35 ml/min

Max. Input Pressure

10 PSI

Respiratory Rate

5-195 breaths/min

Inspiratory Time

0-5 sec

Inspiratory Flow

0.1-1.0 liter/min

Signal Outputs


Pressure Range

0-50 cm H2O

Analog Rate Out


Analog Pressure Out

50mV/cm H2O

Logic Synch Out


External Control Interface



9.0 X 5.5 X 9.0 in.


6 lbs. (2.7kg)


MiniVent Ventilator for Mice

Single Animal Volume Controlled Ventilators


The MiniVent Mouse Ventilator is an ideal ventilator suited for mice. It is remarkable small in size and can be placed close to the animal. It provides a stroke volume from 30 to 350 µl and can ventilate from 60 to 400 breaths/minute. The stroke volume may be adjusted while the ventilator is running.


Code 730044


+ accessories (“Y” cannula, etc.)



Magnetic Stirrers


A wide range of Magnetic Stirrers HEATED and not of different sizes.


Ask for more information.


Model F60 (single):

Speed 60 – 1200 RPM

Temperature range   Environmental to 350°C

Power  400 W

Plate dimension diam. 150 mm.



Model F4 (4 places):

Speed 60 – 1200 RPM

Temperature range   Environmental to 350°C

Power  1.600 W

Plate dimension diam. 150 mm. each place




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