Single &

12 Channel Thermometer

This 12 Channel Thermometer (picture at right) accepts YSI silicon probes suitable for rectal use in a wide range of animals. Two models available with or without communication with PC (SEDACOM software provided). Picture at left shows a low cost single (or Dual) channel thermometer very useful when a small number of measurements have to be carried out.


Code TK8851

Single Channel Termometer


Code BRET 3 Rectal probe for mice and rats

Code SURF Surface probe

Code TMP812

12 Channels with single display and channel selector

Code TMP812RS

with 12 chan. Graphic display and Serial port to PC

Code YSI 401 Rectal temperature probe for rabbits

Code YSI 402 Rectal temperature probe for rat/mice

Code YSI 451 Rectal temperature probe for mice

Code YSI 409 Surface temperature probe




INFRARED Thermometer


The 152-IRB Thermometer was designed to measure cutaneous temperature of small rodents very fast and contactless.

With the 152-IRB Thermometer, we especially focused on the optical dimension and the position of the IR sensor in order to allow measurements on very small surfaces without allowing the sensor to get wrong values with integration of environment temperature, which can be the case with other industrial type Infra red thermometers. This thermometer thus allows easy measurements even on mice tails - with high accuracy and repeatability. The cutaneous measurement should be correlated with usual rectal temperatures (see our BRET2 and 3 rectal probes for rodents).

The 152-IRB thermometer is especially accurate on a temperature range from 25 to 40 C and will prove to be useful for other lab applications as well.



-         Controls heating blankets

-         heat lamps or heating pad

-         Can be used for both heating
and cooling applications

-         Control Range of -100 to

-         Resolution 0.1oC


The new TCAT-2 general purpose PID Autotuning Controller provides accurate temperature control in a variety of laboratory applications. Combined with a heat lamp or heating pad, the TCAT-2 may be used to maintain the body temperature of anesthetized animals during surgery or stereotaxic procedures. Small animal cages are easily warmed with a heat lamp. The TCAT-2 may also be used in cooling applications, such as to control independent perfusate cooling systems.
Realizing that laboratory applications are diverse, TCAT-2 Controller is provided in several versions. The model specified depends on whether a laboratory has a general or specific need for the controller. Rectal probe is required


Code TCAT-2 Temperature Controller


Temperature Controller





Pyrogen Test


A fully automatic PC-based Pyrogen test data recording & evaluation system is available for working with up to 120 animals simultaneously. Data relating to the Pyrogen contents of testing samples can be evaluated according to the European and American Pharmacopoeias (the Chinese is also available on request).

The software provide guide and full control to all the testing process, and suitable feedback, both on the computer screen and through the printer. A set of connection boxes enables the system to be configured for work with 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 animals. An optional adaptors extend this number to up to 120 animals.


Code PROBOX 15 Scanner for 15 probes - Code PROBOX 30 Scanner for 30 probes

Code PROBOX 30 E Extension for PROBOX 30 up to 60 rabbits

Code TEMPERCO W Pyrogen Test Windows PC Software up to 90 rabbits


Electric Stimulator

Single and multiple channel Stimulator

Constant Current and Constant Voltage outputs


Isolated Stimulator for in Vivo and in Vitro (Field) Stimulation. The instrument can be set for either Constant Voltage or Constant Current Output mode.

Voltage compliance is 100 Volt.

Constant current reaches 100 mA and it can be custom made improved to 200 mA on request.

Train Stimulation available.


Wide range of setting including:

Stimulation Frequency - Delay - Pulse Width

Output intensity - Train Duration Train Intervals

Code LE 12006 Student Stimulator (50 mA, Constant Voltage only)

Code LE 12106/VI 100 Single channel digital stimulator, 0 to 100 V/mA Constant voltage & current output

Code LE 12106/150 Single channel digital stimulator, 0 to 150 V Voltage output

Code LE 12206/VI 100 Double channel digital stimulator (0-100 V/mA Constant voltage/current output)

Code LE 12406TC Four channel digital stimulator. Time base & mainframe for up to four LE 12406OM

A wide range of Direct and Field Stimulation Platinum Electrodes available







Code VFP Vibration Free Platform

(picture above)


Code VPW Vibration Free Workstation

(picture at right)


Plate dimension: 60 x 75 cm.

Max. Load: 100 Kg.


Vibration Free Tables

All buildings vibrate activities of people, machinery, heating and ventilation systems, and nearby truck or rail traffic cause all types of vibrations. These vibrations, though, acceptable to occupants, cannot be tolerated by equipment used in patch clamping, cell injection, analytical balances, and optical microscopes. The short-term effects of such vibrations include inconsistant and unreliable performance. The long-term effects are excessive wear, maintenance, and fatigue failures. In order to protect sensitive instruments and equipment from faulty operation or failure this vibration must be significantly reduced. This can be efficiently accomplished by using Vibration-Free Platform and Vibration-Free Workstation.





Especially designed to conduct light (150 W) where it is needed, leaving heat and electrical interference behind. Ideal for small animal surgery. It features gross and fine light intensity adjustment.

A single or a dual stereo microscope Optic Fiber can be easily linked, they can be provided with different length (60 or 120 cm) and different diameter (4 or 8 mm).

The single and dual Optic Fibers are semi-flex for an easy orientation. The Illuminator is supplied with a series of colored filter in order to obtain the desired light spectrum


Code 1050 Optic Fiber Illuminator mod. GLI154

Code 1020 Dual Optic Fiber 60 cm 4 mm

Code 1030 Dual Optic Fiber 120 cm 4 mm

Code 1060 Ring light Pipe 120 cm 51 mm

Code 1090 Spare Bulb 150 W (replacement)

Code 1091 Pkg. of 5 Spare Bulb 150W (replacement)






True-vision Halogen and Ace Lamps Wall, Stand Mounting or Table Clamp with Light focus adjusting and movable from the center for Celiac operation.


Code 30760 Single Bulb Halogen Lamp with stand

Code 30747 Two Bulb Halogen Lamp with stand

Code 30703 Three Bulb Scialytic Lamp with stand

Code 30713 Three Bulb Scialytic Lamp wall mounting

Code 30780 Five Bulb Scialytic Lamp with stand

Code 30781 Five Bulb Scialytic Lamp wall mounting

Code 30787 Twelve Bulb Scialytic Lamp with stand

Code 30790 Twelve Bulb Scialytic Lamp wall mount.












Flexible and auto-stand support for easy and optimal placement.

Ring light incorporated for better subject vision.

Wide circular magnifier lenses


Code 1480-00

Lamp with Lenses, table clamp




Code LIR 250W Infrared Lamp

Code HB 121 Electronic unit with rectal probe (specify mouse or rat)


Very useful to pre-warm animals before carrying out Non Invasive Blood Pressure measurements on their tail. This save times, ensures more reliable results and enables the operator to measure quickly large numbers of animals. The lamp can also be used to warm animals after surgery and it can be driven by a rectal probe and thermostatic electronic unit . Power is 250 W.


Headband Magnifier with Light Pipe Guide (left picture) Precision ground and polished optical glass lenses. The padded headband is fully adjustable and with the lightweight ABS plastic tilting visor will give wearing comfort over many hours. Can be worn with spectacles.

Large field magnifier (right Picture) features a 2.8x (7D) lens with an additional "snap-on lens" for a 3.8x (11D) total magnification. Tiltable lens provides for multipe viewing angles. Bright LED lights emit clean white light for optimum color and resolution.





-          Manufactured in Stainless Steel

-          Easily Cleaned

-          Easily maneuvered

-          4 quiet Wheels

-          2 Wheels brakes

-          2 Platform Trolleys

-          3 Platform Trolleys

-          Smooth Hedges

-          Raised edges

-          Wide range of Dimensions


High quality Stainless Steel Carriages available in different sizes with 2 or 3 Platforms.

Trolleys are shipped disassembled.


Special Sizes Trolleys available on request.


Code 9100 2 Platform Trolley

40 x 60 cm H 90 cm


Code 9110 2 Platform Trolley

50 x 70 cm H 90 cm


Code 9115 2 Platform Trolley

60 x 90 cm H 90 cm


Code 9120 3 Platform Trolley

40 x 60 cm H 90 cm


Code 9130 3 Platform Trolley

50 x 70 cm H 90 cm


Code 9135 3 Platform Trolley

60 x 90 cm H 90 cm


Special sizes available

on request



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