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Our Full Story and Mission

2Biological Instruments (2B) was founded in a basement of a building on Via De Gasperi in Besozzo (VA) back in 1997. The founders, Luigi Bianchi and Roberto Binda, established their own company after gaining extensive experience in a leading industry for Medical, Pharmacological, and Pre-Clinical Research. After a two-year market evaluation period, 2B took on the characteristics of the company it is today and soon moved to its new headquarters on Via L. da Vinci, also in Besozzo. The early 1990s were still dominated by preclinical research conducted with classic instruments (isolated organ baths, polygraphs for ECG analysis, pressure measurements, etc.) that recorded data on ink or thermal paper. By the late 1990s, when 2B entered the market, computers were rapidly revolutionizing the world and transforming the way research was conducted.

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"High Quality Services" represents our continuous commitment to delivering excellence, characterized by high standards, precision, and attention to detail. We are dedicated to exceeding our clients' expectations by providing flawless and customized solutions to meet their needs. Our mission is to ensure a superior level of professionalism, reliability, and quality at every stage of our service, fostering long-lasting relationships and meeting the highest expectations.

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"We Have a Team of Experts" represents our driving force. Our team consists of highly qualified and specialized professionals in their respective fields. With in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, we are capable of tackling complex challenges and providing innovative solutions. Our dedication to excellence is reflected in our team's professionalism, always ready to offer expertise and know-how to exceed our clients' expectations. We are proud to have a team of motivated experts, ready to apply their skills to ensure the success of our projects and meet our clients' needs impeccably.

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Luigi Bianchi

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset mana, exchanges, Finance

Roberto Binda

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset mana, exchanges, Finance

Alessandro Bianchi

Providing insight-driven transformation to investment banks, wealth and asset mana, exchanges, Finance