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Particle more stable in water and with an easy digestion

Ensuring healthy zebrafish development and higher survival rates

Matching different stages of zebrafish

Classified in different sizes

High quality ingredients

Micro-encapsulated diet



Marine fish, krill, fish roe, soy lecithin, yeast autolysate, micro-algae, fish gelatin, squid meal, hydrogenated vegetable fat.


Nutritional Value


 Nutrient Value Nutrient Value
Moisture (%) 8.0 Vitamin A (IU/kg) 12.750
Protein (%) 55.0 Vitamin C (ppm) 1.700
Lipids (%) 15.0 Vitamin D3 (IU/kg) 1.700
Ash (%) 15.0 Vitamin E (ppm) 400
Cellulose (%) 1.7 N-3 HUFA (mg/g) 25.0
Calcium (%) 1.5 DHA (mg/g) 12.0
Sodium (%) 2.0 EPA (mg/g) 10.0
Phosphorus (%) 1.5


ROYAL CAVIAR is truly an exceptional larval diet. ROYAL CAVIAR is formulated and produced to mimic the basic features of live food. The product has an outstanding digestibility ensuring the highest performance. *After this stage, the standard CAVIAR can be use.


Cod. Descrizione
CV-05-50 S-CVR0550-FR-U0016 (ex Royal Caviar) Conf. 400 grammi  size 05-50µm
CV-50-100 CAVIAR Box 1kg       size 50-100µm
CV-100-200 CAVIAR Box 1kg       size 100-200µm
CV-200-300 CAVIAR Box 5kg       size 200-300µm
CV-300-500 CAVIAR Box 5kg       size 300-500µm
CV-500-800 CAVIAR Box 5kg       size 500-800µm